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Fire Resistance of Metal Buildings

Summer is right around the corner and in California, it seems that fire is becoming a year-round hazard.   There have already been several wildfires this year. For years, wood has been the preferred construction method. It was inexpensive and readily available and with...
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Why Install Fire Sprinklers

If there is one thing that has come out of all of the wildfires we have been experiencing in California the last several years is that in addition to life There are many valuables that are irreplaceable which makes some of our priorities seem strange. In speaking with many potential clients, most complain...
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Red Iron vs Steel Tubing

When planning your Steel Building project, one of the requirements for a successful project involves picking the construction type that bests suits your needs. In many cases, Red-iron construction is ideal for the construction of Steel Buildings. Red-iron construction is a commonly used term for industrial grade steel...
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The Ultimate Man Cave

man-cave                   For some men sinking into the comfort of their own home is the best escape. A man cave serves as the perfect refuge from the frustrations of the outside world. Whether you enter your inner sanctum to watch big screen sports, action movies, pro wrestling or to...
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