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Spring has sprung, has your new steel building?

It’s the first day of spring and it’s time to get those steel building projects rolling. Have you procrastinated getting that extra storage space, workshop or building until now? It’s not too late to get a steel building, in fact the beauty of PWS Steel Buildings are how quickly they can be installed. Need...
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Green isn’t just for leprechauns it’s for Steel Buildings too

It’s a green month, how green are you? We’re completely green, steel buildings are 100% recyclable and our new steel panels use 65% recycled materials. We’re local, we manufacture our steel buildings right here on the Central CA Coast in San Luis Obispo in our beautiful green hills. Supporting local builders helps the community and cuts...
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Thank you to our PWS Steel Building Customers

Happy Valentines Day February is a good month to let all of our steel building clients know (past, present and future) that we appreciate them. We enjoy the entire steel building process because we have such wonderful people to work with. Thank you to all of you in our extended family. We wish you all the...
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Go Green and save money with PWS Steel Buildings

Did you know that our PWS Steel Buildings cost less money than wood or “stick built” buildings? That’s quite a deal considering that steel will not warp, rot or split like wood can. Even the wood frame pre-fabricated buildings can be costly compared to PWS Steel Buildings. The reality is that you can save money...
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